Find the

financial freedom


always dreamed of

$5 jewelry for women who want to stop hustling and start


$5 jewelry for women who want to stop            hustling and start

you've always

Support Yourself

Your best life

Tired of feeling broke and powerless to change your situation?

we were, too.

We know what it’s like to have nothing. Falling behind on car and house payments, racking up credit card debt and relying on food stamps to scrape by. Ashamed, anxious, and depressed... wondering how we’d ever get back up again. 


We didn’t just find a straightforward way to make money while working at home. We found a strong sisterhood that supports us each step of the way. We felt beautiful and strong again.

We’re now helping others feel beautiful and strong

join our team

Are you ready to start loving your life again?  

We are looking to grow with women who want something more...

We have three goals for you 





• Take back control and stop waiting for someone else to change your situation

• Live your life from a place of hope, purpose, and ambition

• Become a better mom, wife, friend, sister, and person


• Find the self-confidence boost you need to thrive

• Work on your own terms, at your own pace

• Be your own boss with a supportive team that’s got your back


• Become the financial provider in your family

• Pay off your cars and your home, and go on vacations

• Earn without sacrificing time with your loved ones


If these women can transform their lives with $5 jewelry, so can you!  




Robin and Britney and their team behind them are constantly investing in us. They are amazing mentors, they serve as perfect examples of how to never give up, how to love your life, how to keep pushing, how to keep reinventing yourself, and how to keep acclimating to the changes in the business. And they’re just so dang lovable and motivational!

The best part of Team Love Life? Leadership! I love the fact that everyone is very supportive, that they want you to succeed, they’re giving you ideas, they're giving you tips on what you should do to better your business. They want you to be successful! They want to help you. The trainings that they provide are step-by-step, it’s broken down, it’s just awesome! You want to be a part of this team and you want to be a part of this company!

I love being on Team Love Life because they push us to be better versions of ourselves. They also reward us for putting in time and putting in the work to grow our businesses. This company is great, this business is great. I totally see myself doing this long term. I feel like anybody that actually puts in the work and dedication is going to have the results they desire.


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